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When it comes to a Partial Demolition in Melbourne, no project is too large or too small for Melway Demolition. We can Demolish Garages, extensions, internal rooms or Demolish the complete house leaving only the façade to satisfy heritage requirements.


Maybe you only need the House Gutted leaving the shell? No worries, Melway Demolition can do that! Maybe you just need to Strip Out a Room or two and possibly Remove A Wall here or there? Melway Demolition will get it done for you! We are the Demolition Experts and even the most complicated of Partial Demolitions is not a problem for Melway Demolition. Our Team can carry out Partial Demolition Works by hand, with the use of hand tools and even small machinery for Smaller Demolition Projects. Anything is possible with Melway Demolition.

Call us today for your Partial Demolition in Melbourne and let Melway Demolition look after you. Click here to receive a Free Partial Demolition Quote.

Completed Partial Demolition
Partial Demolition Progress
Demolition Machine in a Swimming Pool
Demolition worker with hand tools
Demolition Team on a partial demolition site
Tight Partial Demolition
Completed partial demolition
Completed Partial Demolition
Melway worker with jackhammer
Completed Partial Demolition
Partial demolition
Partial demolition in Deepdene
Partial demolition in Deepdene
Excavation at Deepdene
Deepdene Excavation 2
Partial Deepdene 3.jpg
Photo collage of partial demolition in Kew
Partial demolition in Yarraville